Jamie Cropley

Artificial Intelligence BSc (Hons)

Perfect Art

One of the best papers I have read on AI Art Creation is not AI based at all. The study looked at successful artists and narrowed down two major factors, I think I have made this post on LinkedIn before BUT so many people overlook this just like thinking long prompts make a difference in AI Art Creation, no one every really thinks about how there art or photo looks that they generate, it is just enough that it looks aesthetically pleasing to them only, but not to the audience.

The study basically said "Make the art unique, with a point of interest" they indicated that successful artists always had this pattern in successful works, e.g. selling it for millions or becoming a well renowned artist.

Below is an example of implementation, this was NOT even done with AI so you can see how simple this approach is. It is a unique shape I believe, the black lines, the red square is a point of interest.

I utilise this in everything I create in AI, I don't think about so much what looks good to me I use these two factors then think of how an audience would look at it.

This may also help, when you think of say someone screwing up a piece of paper and chucking it on the floor, why that is art and how that actually works in these respects.

The study can be read here:


I also found this video explaining similar: